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Powering a Connected EV Charging Ecosystem for Seamless Charging Experience

Through our comprehensive and innovative solutions, EVJoints aims to drive the adoption of EVs, increase the utilization of charging stations, and contribute to environmental sustainability by promoting clean transportation alternatives. We actively collaborate with industry partners, charging infrastructure providers, and regulatory bodies to foster the development of a robust and interconnected EV charging ecosystem. By providing a user-friendly platform, promoting efficient station utilization, and offering educational resources, EVJoints strives to accelerate the transition to a cleaner and greener future.

Exploring the Challenges Faced by EV Charging
Station in Optimizing Their Station Usage

Limited app

Some owners can afford to have their own EV charging apps, but lack the skills to effectively promote and expand their app's reach. This restricts their ability to attract more users to their charging stations.

Reliance on third-party apps

Owners who can't afford their own EV charging app rely on charging software management operators' charging station apps. However, these operators may not be fully committed to driving traffic to the charging stations, limiting station utilization.

Difficulty reaching EV owners

With each charging station owner having their own EV charging app, it becomes challenging to reach a large number of EV users. This fragmented approach hinders effective communication and engagement with the target audience.

Lack of digital knowledge

Station owners often lack the digital expertise required to optimize their charging station app's visibility on app stores like Play Store and App Store. This leads to lower app downloads and reduced visibility among potential users.

Neglected UI/UX

Owners may overlook the importance of user interface and user experience in their EV charging apps. They may opt for white-label apps from software providers or use their software provider's platform, resulting in suboptimal app design and functionality.


Absence of loyalty programs

Owner’s struggle to implement loyalty programs for their customers due to a lack of knowledge and expertise in this area. This limits their ability to incentivize and retain customers effectively.


Customer retenion challenges

Retention is crucial in the charging station business, but many owners lack the knowledge and strategies to retain their customers. This leads to higher customer churn rates and missed opportunities for long-term relationships.


Expansion difficulties

When expanding their charging network, owners may lack knowledge about optimal locations and suitable connector types. This hinders their ability to plan network expansions effectively, potentially missing out on high-demand areas.

Unleashing the Benefits of EVJoints for charging station Operators to Maximize Revenue Potential

Increased visibility and user reach

By partnering with us, charging station owners gain access to a broader user base. We promote and showcase their charging stations within our charging stations app, increasing visibility and attracting more EV owners to their stations.


Seamless integration and management

We provide charging station owners with a user-friendly platform that seamlessly integrates their stations into our EV charging app. Owners can easily manage their station listings, availability, pricing, and other relevant information through a centralized dashboard.


Optimal station utilization

We optimize station utilization by actively promoting and driving user traffic to the charging stations. Through targeted marketing and user engagement strategies, we ensure that charging stations have a consistent flow of EV owners, maximizing revenue potential for station owners.


Advanced analytics and insights

Our platform offers charging station owners access to advanced analytics and insights. Owners can leverage these data-driven insights to make informed decisions regarding pricing, station upgrades, expansion plans, and more, optimizing their charging infrastructure for better profitability.


Enhanced user experience

We focus on delivering a seamless and convenient charging experience for EV owners. By partnering with us, charging station owners can provide their customers with a user-friendly app interface, real-time station availability updates, and easy payment options, enhancing the overall user experience and satisfaction.


Collabrative network expansion

We actively collaborate with charging station owners to expand the charging network strategically. By leveraging their industry expertise and insights, we assist station owners in identifying optimal locations for new stations, ensuring a well-distributed network and maximizing the coverage area.


Promotional opprotunitites

We offer charging station owners promotional opportunities within our charging stations and through targeted marketing campaigns. This exposure helps station owners increase their brand visibility, attract more users, and establish a competitive presence in the EV charging market.

Streamlined Onboarding and Consultative
Support for CPOs

The Open Charge Point Interface (OCPI) is a standardized protocol designed to foster interoperability among various EV charging networks. It stands as an open, independent, and freely accessible protocol facilitating data exchange and connections between e-Mobility Service Providers (EMSPs) and CPOs. For further insights into OCPI and the advantages it provides to CPOs, click here.

We adhere to OCPI standards, specifically versions 2.1.1 and 2.2.1, ensuring seamless integration with OCPI-compliant CPOs. Our commitment extends to assisting CPOs in achieving OCPI compliance through complimentary consultations with our tech team. For those CPOs not currently OCPI- compliant, we offer integration solutions through APIs.

Leverage AI for Advanced
Analytics in
Dynamic Pricing Models
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User's Charging

Analyze user patterns and predict future charging times.

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Charging Demand
for a Location

Forecast future demand, while optimizing resource allocation.



Identify key charging hotspots based on geographical data.



Detect issues and fraud early to maintain network integrity.


Dynamic Pricing

Implement pricing strategies for off-peak charging and efficiency.

Know the Pulse with Our Advanced Analytics and Elevate the performance of Your EV Charging station
Know the Pulse with Our Advanced Analytics and Elevate the performance of Your EV Charging station
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Revenue Report

Track station-generated revenue.

Power Consumption Report

Monitor customer power usage.

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Customer Booking & Visit Reports

Analyze booking and cancelation trends.

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Electric Vehicles Report

Understand the EVs visiting your station.

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Payment Settlement Report

Stay informed about payments.

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Download Invoices

Access invoices effortlessly.

Let us enhance the experience for your
customers with a range of services

24X7 Call Support

customer assistance.

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Booking Facility

booking options.


Subscription Plans

Engage users with
subscription services.

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No Wallet or Deposit

secure payments.


Payment Options

Pay using various
payment options.


Encourage user loyalty

Rewards and loyalty points for
EV users.

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